The Best Way To Establish Accountability

Accountability is often perceived as a threatening, uncomfortable and unfriendly word. The thought of it might cause feelings of stress, fear and discomfort. 

These negative feelings stem from the accountability narrative that says 'if the task isn't done, you are in trouble'. 

However, I want to change the context and narrative of how we understand accountability.  
I believe accountability can actually be both encouraging and empowering. 

Particularly for creatives, entrepreneurs and freelancers, accountability should be seen as an encouragement. Within the People On A Pursuit community, accountability is outworked as an encouragement. 

The narrative is less, 'get on with it or there's trouble'

But instead; 

'I believe you've got this....and this could be transformative for you and your project - Go and get what you so deserve!' 

One of our members, Darren Quinnell, holds down a full time job whilst pursuing an ambitious creative writing project on the side.  He joined the People On A Pursuit Community because he wanted to make bigger traction with the side hustle than he was before.  The accountability of the group enabled Darren to prioritise some time and space in his week, to focus on his creative project, which has now moved forwards leaps and bounds, given where he was at a year ago. 

A while ago, Darren, joined me in an experiment to see whether 30 days of intense accountability would help super charge his productivity. Every week day morning, Darren would message me to outline his priority side hustle tasks that day. I'd then follow up that evening, to see how he had got on. 

Whilst it was stressful at times, on top of a full time job, Darren found the process helpful. Having someone to report to was the incentive to set aside the time. It also impacted the tasks he chose to prioritise given the limited time available. 

What do you need some accountability for? 

Come join us in the People On A Pursuit Community, and see those projects flourish, with friendly accountability that spurs you on rather than layering on the guilt. 

You've got nothing to lose, but everything to gain. 

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