Analysis of Joe Pasquale: Being In The Moment

Joe Pasquale was the first comedian that my parents took me to see live. My parents and I have long shared enjoyment of his wacky sense of humour and ability to make the ridiculous, entertaining. 

I've been fortunate to spend some time with Joe on a couple of occasions, picking his brains about his unique contribution to the world of comedy.

I'm fascinated that so much of Joe's work is outworked naturally. It doesn't seem to me, that Joe has a formula or a habit for anything in his work, but rather, a commitment to gather his props and ideas together and simply unleashing his quirky sense of creativity upon them in the moment. 


In today's blog, I want to highlight Joe's ability to personalise his comedy to the moment he's in.  

Joe maximises the opportunity for some physical comedy as he sits on the auditorium framing. I very much doubt every venue on his tour had such a facility for him to replicate this, meaning that in some form, Joe was improvising this in the moment. Other comedians personalise the show in other ways; Milton Jones often references locality, Al Murray spends a lot of time drawing humour from people in the audience, Ross Noble takes it to the extreme and ad libs the whole show every night of the tour! 

As communicators, we need to learn to personalise the moment for our audience. 

What would make this presentation stand out from the rest, as far as this audience is concerned? 

What could happen on at this gig, that wouldn't happen at any other. 

Why is this important?  Because when we personalise the content, the audience memorise the content. 

Consider what you can do to personalise you presentation today. 

From Comedian to Communicator 

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