Calling all Creative Professionals....

If you are like the creative professionals I know, you are probably, quite simply, unstoppable.  You're so driven by the love of your craft, that you will do anything to finish the race. 

Am I right? 

Perhaps, the last couple of years have seen you navigate your way through consistent rejection, a portfolio of failed ideas and most recently, a pandemic that forced you to reinvent yourself or your career. 

And yet, the greatest challenge isn't so much the external circumstances and how to overcome them....It's the internal battles that cause you to stumble. 

Staying on track

Amidst the chaos, perhaps you've got an idea but you feel unorganised and without a solid plan. 

Maybe, like many, you've put off some activities that you know would be a game changer to your career. Perhaps you've lost confidence in networking, auditioning, marketing yourself - and you need some accountability to kick you into action. 

Perhaps you wish you had more consistency in your work ethic, so you finished each day feeling like you've made some steps forward and confident that the next opportunity is coming into fruition. 

Or maybe it's the other extreme - You are fed up of hustling, working stupidly long hours for little gain - and need a strategy to help streamline your activity. 

Join us today.
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I get it... 

I've been there. I've worked solid, and yet not made traction.

I've felt the frustration of a todo list that fills more time than I have available. 

I've tried to action all the advice I've ever heard in one go, and felt overwhelmed in doing so. 

I had to find a way out of this never-ending mess, and so I started to consume content in the areas of productivity, goal setting, habit creation etc. 

That's when the concept for People On A Pursuit was birthed...

and today, I'd like to invite you to join us. 

Join us today.
(Coupon code QUARTER2-2022 will save you £12 every month)


Here's how it works 

I'll just need 60 - 70 minutes of your time each week. In that time, we'll establish a ONE repeatable task in the four key areas of your career development, that will drive you towards the end goal you desire. 

If you feel stuck - There's a community of other creatives, ready to work through the ideas with you. 

If you need someone to check in - We've got you - We'll check in each week to see how you are getting on. 

If you feel overwhelmed - We'll help you craft a simple checklist to focus your available work time, enabling quick wins every time you sit down to work. 

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(Coupon code QUARTER2-2022 will save you £12 every month)

Sound good? 

What's at stake? 

Truth is, when we fall off the productivity wheel, our career suffers. 

When we stop auditioning or marketing our work, the opportunities decrease 
When we are stuck or overwhelmed, we stop using our time wisely. 
When we lack consistency in our activity, our career lacks consistency too, often showing up in the amount of money we make - or don't make. 

But what if ... 

What if you had consistent work flowing into your email inbox? 

What if you had a clear set of tasks to complete on a regular basis, that enabled regular progress to be made and celebrating regular wins? 

What if you felt less stressed, anxious and stuck, because you had the insight, support, accountability and input from a community that understood the challenges you face. 

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(Coupon code QUARTER2-2022 will save you £12 every month)

Discounted membership?

Ok, so I know the cost of living is going up. We're all trying to cut down our expenses.

Yet if you were to do a cost / benefit analysis - Then People On A Pursuit is worth keeping. 

Why?  Because if you become more productive, your career grows. If your career opportunities increase, so does your income. If your income grows, so does your stability, creativity and opportunity. 

So here's an offer;  If you join us for the start of quarter 2, you can take advantage of a special discount saving you £12 every single month, off our normal membership fee.

Simply use this coupon code - (Be quick, there's only 10 available)


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