Make Your Presentations Memorable?

A few months back, I was on a line up, with a few other comedians, all of which had significant TV credits to their name. One had been on The Royal Variety and another had been on 'Live at the Apollo'.  All of them, brilliant comedians - In fact, people I would look up to and learn from. 

It just so happened that at this gig, due to travel arrangements of each comedian, that I ended up headlining. I sat through the other comics performance, stressing ever so slightly at how I was going to 'top' it. The laughs had been big and fast coming the whole night.

Thankfully I had a very good set. In fact, it was perhaps one of my strongest gigs to date, but the real joy of this gig, actually came via a facebook post I was tagged in on the way home. (My mate, Oli, was driving!) 

Throughout my show, at various points, I have the audience up on their feet, hands on their cheeks, shouting 'Oh My Days' at the top of their voices. Some audiences take to it, others not so much - but this audience LOVED it.  It's a nice little running gag / participation piece. 

The facebook post that brought me so much joy on the 3 hour journey home, was the venue posting about the show. Despite the phenomenal standard of the comedians that went before me, the facebook post concluded with the hashtag #OhMyDays.

I appreciate I was the final act and so this aids the fact I was top of mind - But of all the jokes, songs, and hysterical interactions that night, it was my ridiculous catch phrase that made their post show status.  This is not uncommon. I regularly have people who remember that phrase, days, if not weeks after a show. 

How would this work for me? 

If you are a speaker, preacher or educator, you want people to remember your message.  

After all, what's the point of doing it, if your message has been forgotten 3 days later? 

How might you replicate the concept of Oh My Days so that people are talking about your presentation following the event. 

  • Find your own catchphrase and repeat throughout - It doesn't have to be as ridiculous as mine, but by all means, have your audience repeat it out loud. Repetition of this phrase is the key for it to be remembered. 

  • Create a powerful set piece. A friend of mine was at the theatre and posted a photo of the stage set. It was a dark stage, with one spotlight highlighting a wooden chair, with a bowler hat on. Immediately, everyone knew he was seeing 'Chicago' the musical. What might be the set piece? 

  • Tell a powerful story. Stories stick. If as story takes us on an emotional journey, inspires us in some form or challenges us to respond, then it's likely we'll tell the story to someone else. If you can wrap your presentation around one powerful story, it could be just as effective as the set piece or catchphrase.


Work hard in the preparation of your talks, to consider what will make it memorable.

What is it that people will go home saying, thinking and sharing with others?


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