What are you up to Tom?

A few people have been asking what I'm up to in these crazy times ... 

So I thought I'd give you a break down summary of the various things I'm working on, right now... 


The Big Local Night Out 

This is by far the main focus of my time and energy right now and I couldn't be more excited at the potential that is emerging!   Piloted in Doncaster, with my friends Ian and Alyson Mayer from Manna Community CIC , The Big Local Night Out is a locally based, nationally replicated, high quality, series of arts events for schools and communities. 

Alongside Doncaster, we've now confirmed a new location in Warwick, and have positive conversations in a number of other areas, including Westminster, Colchester & Manchester.

The idea is simple; to bring a number of community organisations together, from a range of sectors including commercial, civic, educational and charitable, to host a number of events that bring joy, laughter, friendship & community, whilst also inspiring young people, champion the local arts and culture scene and aid charitable impact.

Combining top quality professional artists alongside opportunities for local talent, it's a wholesome, fun and engaging night out for all. Plus it enables me to work with mates, connect with an audience over multiple gigs and see people grow in their own skillsets, providing new opportunities for them. 

Business Sponsorship? 
We're on the look out for local businesses, in a number of locations to sponsor The Big Local Night Out project, helping you meet your
 business needs and corporate social responsibility goals.  The Big Local Night Out opens the door to a wealth of engagement and profile raising opportunities, including brand association with creativity, innovation and world-class performance, as well as access to multi-channel marketing activity.  

In addition, we are able to facilitate client entertainment, staff incentives and rewards as part of our package. 

If this might of interest to you,  take a look here and get in touch to explore options. 

People On A Pursuit 

Formally, The Focused Creative Community, this small group of accountability partners that connect each week, to ensure we keep moving forward in our various projects.  

I've loved journeying with this fun bunch of creative and entrepreneurial, idea driven people, particularly over last couple of challenging years. It's amazing what can be achieved through accountability, a friendly community and a simple strategy to follow, even when everything else around us is so uncertain. 

Here's some of our values and USP's as an online community

💥 We're all about wisdom in the room rather than expert led.
💥 We're small enough to know and be known, meaning everyone gets heard in the calls.
💥 We're positive enough to overcome challenges and we're big on celebrating wins.
💥 We're friendly enough to hold guilt-free accountability for each other.
This online gathering is a highlight of my week. If you are pursuing a vision, working on a project, building a business and/or trying to make traction as a creative professional, (or if you know someone who is!) then come join us. You'll love it.

Upfront Entrepreneur 
So this is still in development - and to be honest, it was on the back burner, until I slipped the idea into conversation with my friend Heather Carr from Kill it with quizzes 

Formally working with creatives to help them engage with businesses, her eyes lit up at the idea, so I'm working on it slowly in the background of everything else. It's almost a side project right now, but it should gain some traction in coming months. 
With public speaking being at the top of peoples fears and discomfort zones, I figured that the arts has a lot to offer. So Upfront Entrepreneur is an online membership, for those who want to bring confidence and charisma to their ongoing keynote presentations and pitches. 
I'm a big fan of watching Dragons Den on BBC1 and I've loved seeing incredible pitches right through to truly awful pitches. The one's that get me though, are those who could be excellent if it wasn't for the crippling nerves, awkward shuffles and those who forget how to talk about their own product!  

Whilst I'm not a sales coach, I've got quite a bit of experience when it comes to standing infront of an audience. Not every audience greets you with a smile. The front row can sometimes include the most intimidating, poker face, and, dare I say it, uninterested members of the audience!  My job is always to win them over, even if I'm feeling uncomfortable infront of them. 
And that's what I want to help Entrepreneurs do, too. 
Offering Entrepreneurs the skills, techniques and insights of a Comedy Magician to help them deliver with more confidence, charisma, memorability and excellence. 
So if you give regular presentations, pitches and want to up your game in the delivery, then take a look here and let's chat. Do pass this on to the entrepreneurs in your network. 

Of course, there's always more to report but you've probably lost interest by now and given up reading. 
However, for my mum, who might have got this far... take a look at my shiny new website that refers to all of these things in greater detail.  

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