What it takes to achieve a significant goal...

I'm on quite an ambitious adventure myself, at the moment. 

In my work as a Comedy Magician, I've embarked on a project called The Big Local Night Out. A community based, but nationally replicated, series of arts events, that bring together professional artists alongside local talent.  

I'm looking to establish multiple locations - in fact, the long term goal is to have hundreds of them across the UK and beyond. That's a big enough goal in and of itself, but each location comes with it's own goal to create multiple partnerships, to build a significant audience and to become a recognised brand in that area. 

It's by far the biggest and most challenging adventure I've ever set myself to achieve - but day by day, I'm making traction and beginning to see how this could pan out. 

Executing big goals;  


In running the People On A Pursuit Community, I get to see, first hand, every week what it takes to achieve meaningful goals. 

Here's my reflections; 

  • EVERYONE GETS STUCK -  If you don't get stuck at somepoint on the journey of executing a goal, then your goal isn't big enough. In our weekly calls, we make space to discuss 'Obstacles and Opportunities' - What are people working towards and what challenges are currently stopping them from getting there.

    This simple opportunity to chat it through, enables people to get unstuck. Our 'Wisdom in the room' approach, means that whilst nobody may be an 'expert', everyone can offer insight, ask questions, offer varied contributions or make an introduction to someone who could help. 

  • PRIORITIES SLIP - We all talk about our priority tasks and yet it's so easy for them to get buried in the whirlwind of activity. A week goes by and we realise that we've done no marketing, we've not completed a project that's due or we've not worked on our professional skill for ages. 

    That's why those within our community find the regular check in so helpful. It's a weekly opportunity to re prioritise the tasks that matter. Often, just committing tasks as priorities in the presence of others, is enough to establish it's importance in your own mind. 

  • HABITS MATTER - Someone once said that 'Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.'. I have certainly found this to be very true. Within the People On A Pursuit community, each person has established what we call a 'Traction Task' that they commit to on a daily or weekly basis. By being consistent with this action, they see progress on their goals. 

An Invitation 

If you are a creative professional, an entrepreneur, or trying to bring a project to fruition, you are probably in need of some support, some accountability and some healthy habits to make it happen. 

Don't let those mornings of feeling stuck, hold you back.
Avoid those priority tasks slipping out of your memory. 
Establish habits that give you consistent progress. 

Come join The People On A Pursuit Community, today. 


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