What to do when your nervous about public speaking...


'I've not done this in nearly two years....I'm super nervous about speaking'  was the phrase shared with me at a charity event I attended, whereby several employees were giving an update to donors. 

I get it - Despite having spoken infront of audiences multiple times, it has been difficult for some to rebuild confidence after two years where events like this just didn't happen. 

I've always felt that nervousness is a strange emotion / reaction. We're nervous about things going wrong, stumbling our words, making a fool of ourselves, forgetting lines or being super boring to the audience. Yet, the cause of many of those concerns, is the nervousness itself.  

When we are nervous;

- We stop thinking properly ahead of the presentation and so perhaps causes something to go wrong. 

- We stumble over our words because our mind is focusing on the fear of an audience. 

- We might make a fool of ourselves by not watching our step or making awkward comments. 

- Our mind goes blank because we're consumed about the possibility of it going wrong. 

- We stick rigidly to a script, keep our eyes off the audience, and therefore BECOME the boring presenter we didn't want to become. 

So what can you do when you feel nervous about public speaking - to prevent the nervousness causing the very things you are nervous about! 

You fake It till you make it

I know, that feels like a cop out answer, but it's the best course of action you can take. 

You mentally shift that nervous energy into an energy that outworks itself as confidence. You stand firmer, you present with more passion, you start boldly, you end confidently.  

You might be feeling sick, inside. 

But the skill is to feed that nervous energy into a positive, focused and energised presentation. 


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