Why Creative Professionals Need a Productivity System

Every Monday I host a zoom call with a small group of creative professionals. It's an online membership for those pursuing ambitious goals, and it's called, The People On A Pursuit Community.  Some are voice artists, others writers and we have one or two performers.

Whilst this project is only a small side hustle at the moment, it's one of my favourite moments in the week. The culture of the online membership is one of celebrating wins (big or small), overcoming obstacles together and holding each other accountable for the tasks we prioritise. 

One of our writers is Emma Kelly. Emma is a dramatist and playwright.  In our time of celebrating wins this week, Emma shared that her play 'The Guide' was listed in the top 3% of the BBC Writers Room, Open Call for 2022. 

There were 4718 scripts submitted which means Emma was within the top 141 submissions. That's incredible and such an encouragement to Emma. 

Emma's Productivity System...  

Of course, the full credit must go to Emma herself as the writer, but I was delighted to hear that The People On A Pursuit strategy and community were part of what led her to this success. 

Emma, committed to a daily writing practise, using various prompts from a writers book she had been engaging with. She also committed to regular pitching and consistent work on her project. 

In making these commitments to the community, we were able to check in with her, week in, week out to see how she was progressing. The awareness of having to report in, helped Emma to be consistent in her work ethic on these tasks, and not be distracted by everything else. 

For Emma, the People On A Pursuit membership has not only given her community of other creatives to bounce ideas off, invest into and learn from, but it's also given her a productivity system to keep her on track. 

If you're a creative professional - What productivity system do you have installed as a habit? 

You're welcome to join us in the People On A Pursuit Community. 

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