The Best Way To Establish Accountability

Accountability is often perceived as a threatening, uncomfortable and unfriendly word. The thought of it might cause feelings of stress, fear and discomfort. 

These negative feelings stem from the accountability narrative that says 'if the task isn't done, you are in trouble'. 

However, I want to change the context and narrative of how we understand accountability.  
I believe accountability can actually be both encouraging and empowering. 

Particularly for creatives, entrepreneurs and freelancers, accountability should be seen as an encouragement. Within the People On A Pursuit community, accountability is outworked as an encouragement. 

The narrative is less, 'get on with it or there's trouble'

But instead; 

'I believe you've got this....and this could be transformative for you and your project - Go and get what you so deserve!' 

One of our members, Darren Quinnell, holds down a full time job whilst pursuing an ambitious creative writing...

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Why Creative Professionals Should Commit To A Community

Iain is a professional children's entertainer in Colchester, and he's also a member of People On A Pursuit 

It's been amazing to watch Iain's business come back stronger than ever, since Covid restrictions have been lifted.  Iain has worked super hard to build his mailing list, connect with prospective clients and deliver an excellent show. 

Iain, with the help of the People On A Pursuit community, followed our proven plan and carefully worked through a number of repeatable tasks to grow his business.

It worked so well that Iain became so busy, and had to stop!  

As Iain reflected on this overwhelming number of bookings, we began to explore a different business model together. 

What if he could book a village hall, for a Tuesday morning and invite people to come?

Imagine for a moment that he could sell 30 tickets....

Initially, I felt Iain's resistance in this conversation. There was definitely a nervousness holding him back.


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