Three Simple Steps For Engaging An Audience

The success or failure of a presentation, is often decided in the speakers mind, by how engaged the audience appeared to be. 

If the speaker feels that the audience is disengaged, distracted or lacking in interest, it can be a real blow to the speakers confidence. 

However, the problem is, unless you are intentional about creating opportunities for engagement, it's hard to know where your audience are at. After all, people's relaxed, natural facial expressions are not the smiling, engaged faces we might hope to see. If anything, it's quite the opposite. 

So here are three ways in which you can provoke engagement from your audience; 

Plan An Unusual Kick Off

When people take their seats, ready to listen to a presentation, they make themselves comfortable and prepare for what is a typical presentation. If you want to provoke engagement from the beginning, why not start with an unusual request; 

'Can everyone please stand up for a moment please ...' 

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