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Russell Howard is no doubt one of the most popular comics of our time. With global tours and TV specials on his achievements, his observational, edgy and topical comments, are drawing massive crowds all over the world. 

Yet he originates from Bristol and in todays blog, we'll be looking at why you should bring something of your story into every presentation


When you step on to stage, known or unknown, every member of the audience is asking questions of you in their mind. Will you be engaging? Will you make me laugh, cry or think deeply? Will you be worth my time? Are you credible? 

But perhaps the big question that sits at the heart of every other, is 'Will I relate to this person'. 

Relatability is key to every presentation. 

When we bring something about ourselves into the talk, people begin to pay more attention.  Parents relate to parents, city dwellers relate to city dwellers, business owners relate to business owners.

There will no...

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