The Structure Of A Comedy Set & The Applications For Public Speaking

Have you ever analysed a comedy set? 

Probably not. Unless you've pursued the art of comedy, there's no real reason to do so. 

It's far more satisfying to simply enjoy, what feels like an ad-libbed ramble of observations or a rolling set of one liners.

That said, you've probably sub consciously been impressed by the ability to refer back to earlier comments,'ve probably laughed at the running gag that the comedian revisits throughout the show,

...and you've unknowingly appreciated the story being told as the comedian performs. 

Today, I want to explore three of these intentional structures and consider how you might use them in your next presentation.


The Call Back

You'll have observed Comedians refer back to a joke or comment they made earlier on in the show. If a joke gets a particularly big laugh, it's not uncommon for the Comedian to have other opportunities built into their set, referring back to that initial joke. Just as...

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