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I've had a number of ideas and plans over the years, some have worked and some have failed miserably. That's part of the creative process. 

But this year, I think I've landed on my greatest idea yet - and we're in motion to make it a success. 

The concept behind The Big Local Night Out came about when my friend Ian Mayer DL was given the tenancy of a community building in Bentley, Doncaster. Following the launch event that Ian had booked me to perform at, I casually mentioned that we should start a regular night of entertainment for the local community. 

So we did. 

We started scrappy, with 20 people showing up to the first event and lots of favours asked of my friends within the performing arts. 

It soon developed and we started to see more people attend each of the four events across the year, eventually reaching around 150 before Covid disrupted the whole thing. 

The evening blends top quality, professional musicians alongside...

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What are you up to Tom?

A few people have been asking what I'm up to in these crazy times ... 

So I thought I'd give you a break down summary of the various things I'm working on, right now... 


The Big Local Night Out 

This is by far the main focus of my time and energy right now and I couldn't be more excited at the potential that is emerging!   Piloted in Doncaster, with my friends Ian and Alyson Mayer from Manna Community CIC , The Big Local Night Out is a locally based, nationally replicated, high quality, series of arts events for schools and communities. 

Alongside Doncaster, we've now confirmed a new location in Warwick, and have positive conversations in a number of other areas, including Westminster, Colchester & Manchester.

The idea is simple; to bring a number of community organisations together, from a range of sectors including commercial, civic, educational and charitable, to host a number of events that bring joy,...

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The Big Local Night Out

I'm delighted to introduce you to 'The Big Local Night Out'. A community based, nationally replicated, high quality, series of arts events that impact local people. 
The four events across 12 months will bring high quality professional artists, alongside local talent from schools, choirs and groups across the location. 
 Our why?  
  • Build Community cohesion
  • Encourage young people
  • Champion Arts & Culture
  • Aid Charitable Impact
We are right at the beginning of this journey, with 2 projects now being established and a number of other conversations about kicking off in 2023. So watch this space. 
If you are a business and want to consider sponsoring this project in your locality, then do reach out at [email protected] 
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