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Learn how comedians capture & hold the attention of an audience. 


Hi!  I'm Tom and I help those in business, learn the tips, tricks and strategies of stand up comedians, to upgrade their communication skills.

As a professional Comedy Magician, I've spent the last 10 years figuring out what makes an audience tick.


How do you break through the cold stares
and lead them towards being fully participative and engaged?

How do you create expectancy,

be talked about after the event

and have the audience
applauding the content you bring. 

In this mini course, we explore the tips and tricks behind three incredible comedians, identifying what makes them so effective.

Being an effective public speaker means more leads, more opportunities and ultimately more sales.

Become a better speaker, today

I’d struggled to work out how to engage a larger audience with a tough subject that most people avoided. 

Tom has helped me get clarity of how I want to connect with the audience. He listened  to where my concerns lay and was very insightful with his advice.  I am looking forward to putting his advice to good use and coming back for an encore!

Eunice The Willwritingyogi

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✅  People go home talking about them, quoting catchphrases, without a notepad in sight. (Except for budding comedians, seeking to nick gags!) 

✅  Audience pay good money to watch them. They travel for miles, by choice. They have high expectancy before the event has started. 

✅  The stories flow naturally, with the presentation feeling like a direct conversation. 

✅  They audience is fully engaged and chooses to participate 


✅  Presentations that are reliant on cluttered powerpoint slides

✅  An audience obliged to be there, with little anticipation for the event. 

✅  An inexperienced speaker, following a semi-rehearsed script. 

✅  A reluctant audience, with little reason to participate. 

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