Let's talk about those
neglected goals...

You know what I'm talking about, the game-changing goals that were regretfully left behind, due to a lack of time or productivity.

People On A Pursuit invites you to join a small group of accountability partners that you connect with each week, to ensure you keep moving forward.

Whether it's a lack of clarity, the isolation of self employment or a lack of accountability getting in the way, it's no wonder you are behind on schedule. 

We can help. 

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Truth is, you are not alone.

Anyone doing anything significant has seasons of frustration, lacking clarity and confusion. It's a lonely place to be.

The people that succeed and achieve their goals, have a few things in place, that help them push through.

In the People On A Pursuit Community, we help you streamline your goal efforts into repeatable tasks that enable you to see consistent progress, giving you absolute clarity of what to crack on with each day.

We meet each week to check in on progress, overcome obstacles, pursue opportunities and celebrate wins. 🎉


A clear strategy 


We help you commit to a repeatable task that will increase the likelihood of of achieving the goal you are working towards. 

Collective Wisdom 


Make the most of the collective wisdom from the other members of this supportive, ambitious community of people on a pursuit. 



Be held accountable for the goals you set yourself. Our weekly check in points give you the drive to complete the tasks that will bring your vision to fruition.

'The root of distraction,

is discomfort.'


Nir Eyal, 'Indistractable'

Your Productivity Champion

In my own pursuit to become a professional Comedy Magician, I soon learnt that in addition to the tricks in my show, I had to learn the tricks of the trade.

With lots to figure out, and multiple obstacles along the way, I stumbled through every idea I could think of to bring my dream to fruition. For years I was neither productive, or making any traction on my ultimate goal.

Thankfully, I connected with people who could help. Since then, I've since crafted a career for myself, described by Miranda Hart as 'Such Fun' and spend much of my time, touring across the UK.

I worked hard to create my own opportunities including appearances on BBC TV & Radio, a feature piece in the Times Newspaper and have been listed amongst the top 30 'aged 30 or under, stars of Gloucestershire Business.' I've raised almost £10,000 in crowdfunding support, whilst also co-founding 'The Big Local Night Out'.

Looking back on my journey so far, I wish I had fast tracked to the place of finding a community of people who could help, a strategy to help me stay focused and the accountability to remain committed to one goal.

That's where the People On A Pursuit Community began.

'Helped with my confidence'


Joining the People On A Pursuit Community, changed the way I thought about myself as a business owner and as a talent.

Having the support of others helped me reach out more, which is how I've ended up being so busy.

Poppy Royana, Audiobook Narrator at poppyroyanaaudio

'Keeps my goals at the forefront'


'Before I joined the People On A Pursuit Community, I struggled having a rhythm in my workflow.

Membership has helped me to be more proactive and has pushed me to advance in my goals.

Connecting with the community, keeps my goals at the forefront of my mind. I'm more proactive, confident in my projects, content and creativity.

Darren Quinnell, Author & Founder of Manmade Journey

'I found awesome solutions to the challenges I faced'


Before joining the People On A Pursuit Community, I knew what I wanted my business to look like, but I needed some help with marketing.

Joining the community, I discovered a group of people who had enthusiasm, drive, great ideas and some awesome solutions to help each other to ensure our respective businesses can thrive.

I now have the accountability I needed and I'm part of a network of people that focus on goal setting.

Karen Cooper, Voiceover Artist, https://www.karencoopervoiceover.com/

'I've scheduled your next big win'

From our proven framework, to power hours, community support, masterclasses & planning calls, membership of People On A Pursuit will provide the roadmap to your big win.


I'm in!

👇 Success is pretty much guaranteed 👇


Join today and get a proven framework for smashing out your goals, without procrastination and celebrating wins quicker than you ever imagined!


❌ No more procrastination


❌ No more twiddling your thumbs


❌ No more isolated frustration


I need help with this...


Instead, we are ready to welcome you into a new reality. 

We've scheduled your next win and we are ready to watch you thrive.


✔️ Gain access to the collective wisdom of your peers.


✔️ Have supreme clarity over your priority task each day.


✔️ Kill procrastination through accountability of your peers.



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  • Weekly Community Call
  • Weekly Power Hour
  • Guest Masterclasses 
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